Zöldmáli Mini Minyon

Wirehaired Mini Dachshund in rare, brown and tan (schoko) color

  • We believe in faith, and Minyon was not only the first-born puppy of Cuki, but she has a very rare brown and tan color. I have always wished for a brown and tan colored female teckel, especially a mini one. So when I realized we have a female brown and tan puppy born, I knew straight away, it was meant to happen, so was out of question if we keep her (even though we didn’t originally plan to keep a puppy from the litter).
    Her and her mother, Cuki, are inseparable best friends, and Minyon is the best vizsla puppy playmate. She teaches them every teckel-fighting skill: how to pull out the legs and how to go on the throat. It is very funny to watch her playing with the vizsla pups. And she is always ready for some play.

    Minyon’s show titles:

    • 2 x HPJ
    • BOB
    • CAC
    • 2 x resCABIB
    • resCAC

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