Zöldmáli Pizsi


  • Pizsi was a single puppy in the litter, so we decided to keep her (in spite we wanted to keep a boy from this litter, but of course, no boys were born). She always had a very brave and confident character, but interestingly she showed no signs of any hunting skills till around the age of 4 months. She didn’t really want to retrieve anything, and showed no interest in birds. So one day, I decided, I am not going to give her any more time, but test her the last time, and if she shows no interest again, I will re-home her. And on that day I tried her, and she did everything perfect: she retrieved the pheasant to my hand, she retrieved the dead pigeon and the live pigeon as well, perfectly. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And from that day on, she is an eager-beaver working dog, loves to work, very easy to train, and shows all the skills I am looking for. A great proof of this, is her passing the highest level field and water trial (VMV) at the age of 10,5 months, in 1st prize, with 261/268 points, and obtaining the international work certificate with this. Than later that year she also passed the ÖTV (HZP) in 1st prize. She is surely a very special dog, and I love her to bits. She is very much attached to me, and is reacting very fast to my commands, doing everything at full speed with great enthusiasm. And its not just her hunting abilities that are so special, but also her conformation: she won 3 X Best of breed on her first 3 shows with 10 months, obtaining the Junior Champion title right away.


  • International Champion (ICH)
  • Hungarian Grand Champion (HGCH)
  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • 3 x Junior Winner
  • 3 x Best Junior
  • 8 x Best of Breed
  • 4X CAC,
  • 5X CACIB,
  • BOS,
  • resCACIB


  • Field and Water Trial (VMV) 1st prize- with this Pizsi holds and international work certificate
  • Autumn Breeding Test (ÖTV/ HZP) 1st prize
  • VAV (hunting aptitude test)- max score
  • resCACT (2nd place in 1st prize) in her first and only Field and Water Competition


  • HD-A (Free)
  • HUU clear
  • Cardiac normal
  • Free of genetic eye disorders