HCH, HJCH Zöldmáli Vihar


Vihar was the only female puppy in a small litter of 4. Her name means ‘storm’. She is definitely our most extravagant dog. We have never seen a dog that would have so exceptional climbing and jumping skills and fear from no height. Already at the age of 4 weeks, when other puppies can hardly walk, she kept climbing out of the whelping box, but only when I was around, so she could say hello to me. She was irresistibly cute.

When 6 weeks old, she was discovering our big garden alone, as confident as a grown up dog, going up and down the stairs. She is my only dog, who dares to, and what more, loves to go up and down the slippery spiral staircase. I am sure she would be a great rescue dog or an agility dog, as she loves to climb and jump on top of, and through anything. Her cheeky grin brings smile on my face every day. She is quite a late maturing puppy in every ways, but I see a great potential in her. She is very confident, ranges far and runs like a robot, never getting tired. She often has her own ideas and ‘we have to convince her’ to follow ours, but once she is on it, she is very determined and does everything excellent. She is not a soft type of vizsla at all, literally you can’t really hurt her, but overall I very much appreciate these qualities, as these will make and excellent and tough working gundog. She never cares to go in the dense or in the thorn.


  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Hungarian Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • 3 x Junior Winner (HPJ)
  • 3 x Best of Breed
  • Best Junior
  • 7 x CAC
  • 3 x CACIB
  • 3 x Best of Breed
  • Best Hungarian Breed II.

Work titles:

  • AV (natural ability test) – max scores
  • VAV (hunting aptitude test) – max scores
  • VMV (field and water test) – 1st prize
  • ÖTV (HZP, Field and Water Trial)
  • Field Trial Derby: Excellent 4
  • CACIT All-round competition (Field-Water-Forest-MVV /VGP)-3rd prize
  • CACIT Field and Water Competition: 1st prize, 3rd place (same points with the 2nd place, but Vihar was the older)

Health Results:

  • Hip Dysplasia Free (UK hip score: 4/5)
  • HUU clear

Hch, HJCh, Ro.Ch Fürdőházi Ralf