Fecske is one of our treasures. We are very pleased with her conformation, personality and above all, her work abilities. She is everything I am looking for in the breed: she loves to work, and working her is a joy and fun. You see that glow in her eyes after every successful task completed, and she is ready for action anytime. She doesn’t give up, has a great stamina and speed for work. She is just a joy to watch. She wants to make you happy and proud, and she would do anything for this. Actually she did make me happy and proud, as with a young age of 9 months, she has become Junior World Winner in the Salzburg World Dog Show, and at the very young age of 10 months she passed her basic hunting test (AV) and hunting aptitude test (VAV) with very high scores, and with 13 months, she passed the Field and Water Trial (VMV)- which is the highest level field and water exam for fully trained dogs. With this, Fecske holds an International Work Certificate.

Fecske spoiled us with some outstanding offsprings.  Fecske is the mother of the famous FALKO (Zöldmáli Cetli) the No.1 Wirehired Vizsla in North America.

Fecske is also the mother of the very successful K litter (see also my Karma) , that resulted in some outstanding pups in both show and work. Karma and Kaosz both Hungarian Junior Champions, Karma several CACIB winner, both avid hunters. Kefir and Kitty both Best in Show winners in the UK.

Fecske means swallow in Hungarian.

Fecske has proven to produce some excellent puppies: she is the mother of Zöldmáli Cetli ‘FALKO’ the No.1 Wirehaired Vizsla in North America, and the mother of our very successful K litter (see my Karma).


  • 2012 Fiatal Világgyőztes
  • Junior Best of Breed
  • Hungária Champion
  • Junior Champion
  • 2 X Best Junior
  • 3X CAC
  • 2 X resCACIB
  • 2X resCAC
  • 3X HPJ- Junior Winner


  • VAV (max. ponttal)
  • AV (max. ponttal)
  • VMV – vízi-mezei vizsga 1. díj


HD-A (mentes)