• Zoldmali Tigris
  • Zoldmali Tigris
  • Zoldmali Tigris


Tigris is a sister of Tzunami, the only 2 girls in the litter, with a single brother. I treasure these two pups, as they are the daughters of my beloved Puma. Tigris has proven her versatility at a young age, getting to the highest level of field and water tests before reaching 18 months of age. Tigris has a very appealing and firm style of pointing, fun to see her work the fields. Just like her mom, she is a real velcro in the house.

Show Results:

  • 2 x HPJ
  • Junior BOB
  • 2 x CAC
  • resCAC
  • resCACIB
  • TSZ- Approved for breeding in Hungary

Work Results:

  • AV- Natural Ability Test, max score
  • VAV- Hunting test on field and water- max score
  • VMV II. prize- spring field and water trial granting international work certificate
  • ÖTV (Hungarian HZP) II. prize

Health Results:

  • HD-B
  • ED-free
  • Free of Genetic Eye Disorders incl. Gonio
  • HUU clear