• Zöldmáli Kincsem
  • Zöldmáli Kincsem
  • Zöldmáli Kincsem


What more can I say about her: a top dog out of two of our very top Wirehaired Vizslas: Extreme and Anouk. Kincsem has inherited her traits both of her mother and father. When I look at her, I see her father, when I see her working, I see more her mother. Passionate but biddable, can work all day long. Loves to please and work.

Show Results:

  • Hungarian Champion
  • 4 x CAC
  • 2x resCACIB

Work Results:

  • AV- Natural Ability Test, max score
  • VAV- Hunting Test in field and water, max score
  • VMV- Spring Field and Water Test giving International Work Certificate
  • ÖTV- 1st prize- (Hungarian HZP)

Health Results:

  • Hip Dysplasia Free (HD-A)
  • ED-free
  • Free of genetic Eye Disorders incl. Gonio
  • HUU clear