• Zolna Garamparty
  • Zolna Garamparty
  • Zolna Garamparty


Zolna is an import from Slovakia, to widen our gene pool. His bloodline is a great addition to our breeding program. It was his mother who caught my eyes, and I knew I want to have a puppy from her. I was just waiting for the right combination. We have been working Zolna from a young age on (just like we do with all of our Wirehaired Vizslas) and I have taken him out to pheasant shoots from 4,5 months of age and he had hundreds of retrieves already in his first season. So Zolna testified us that he has all the drive, working ability, stamina and desire that we are looking for, when selecting a breeding stock. We have high standards a Wirehaired Vizsla has to comply with, in order the dog can stay in our kennel for future breeding, and Zolna has been approved. He has an eye catching appearance, he is strong, robust, and has a lovely coat with a beard. He passed his health checks with the best results.

Show Results:

  • TSZ (Hungarian Breeding Licence- approved for breeding in conformation)
  • CAJC
  • BOB
  • JBOG2
  • 2x HPJ
  • 3 x CAC
  • resCAC
  • 3 x ResCACIB

Work Results:

  • AV (Natural Ability Test) – max score, ‘excellent’ qualification
  • VAV- max score, ‘excellent’ qualification
  • ÖTV (Hungarian HZP)- 1st prize

Health Results:

  • Hip Dysplasia Free (HD-A)
  • Elbow Dysplasia Free (ED-free)
  • HUU clear
  • Eyes Clear

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