HCH, HJCH Zöldmáli Délceg


Délceg is the son of my beloved Lepke, one of the top working HWVs in Hungary, and the mother of my very special E litter (Extreme, Echo, Etna), where all 3 before the age of 3 years, became Hungarian Work Champions! The father of Délceg, is Highland du Domaine Saint Hubert, also a very successful Field Trial dog from French lines, the brother of my very successful and talented Field Trial Champion Henna. So the idea behind this combination was to combine two very special bloodlines, two very talented dogs. Délceg stole my heart from the moment I started to work serious with him. He is full of love and positive vibes. He wants to please me all the time, and knows how to bring a smile on my face. He is very passionate, very eager and learns increibly quick. In spite of his big drive, he is always very easy to control, and has a high level of cooperation.

Délceg passed his hunting titles (AV, VAV and ÖTV) all with maximum scores.

I am very grateful for the two wonderful offsprings I have from him: Lecsó and Kraft.

As Délceg was related to most of my females, therefore I had little opportunity to use him as a stud, he moved now to the Pivot Kennel in WI, USA, where he will be available as stud and will hopefully greatly improve the Amercian stock.

Show Results:

  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Hungarian Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • 2017 Derby Winner
  • Best of breed
  • 3 X Best Opposite Sex
  • 2X CACIB
  • resCACIB
  • 4x CAC
  • 3X HPJ

Work Results:

  • AV- Natural Ability Test
  • VAV with max score- Hunting Aptitude Test in Field and Water
  • ÖTV with max score- Field and Water Autumn Test (same as HZP).

Health Results:>

  • HD-A (free)
  • ED-free
  • HUU-clear
  • Free of Genetic Eye Disorders

Trialer Highland du Domaine Saint Hubert

Gallery of Délceg