Zoldmali Red Carpet, aka ‘Ropi’ is the daughter of our Cuki (Slovakian bred Dorka Kunis) and Russian bred HCH Magic Rainbow Lenin. Both parents are mini-sized, but Ropi became a kaninchen (rabbit) size, which is even smaller. Ropi has the most loving character I could wish for, and I always dreamed of a dachshund like her. She is very loyal, follows me everywhere, yes even to the toilet, if I let it. When I work, she sleeps by my leg, she waits for me till we go to bed together, and then she is keeping my waist warm, while Laci is on my other side! Even when I go to the toilet during the night, she wakes up from her deepest sleep and comes with me. She does this, because she loves me, and wants to be with me all the time, but if I leave her in the garden with the other dogs, or alone in the house, she is fine with that too. She has a perfect recall even in the woods, which is unusual for a dachshund. Ropi loves to do everything we do, she is a happy go lucky dog. She loves children, dogs, people. If you were not sure about a mini dachshund before, when you meet Ropi, she will steal your heart. It’s guaranteed.

Show Result:

  • HCH (Hungarian Champion)
  • HJCH (Hungarian Junior Champion)
  • 3X HPJ
  • 3X Best Junior
  • 3X CAC
  • 2X resCACIB

Health Results:

  • Lafora Free
  • PRA-free


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