Pilla is a daughter of our Extreme, and is coming from France, from the Du Domaine Saint Hubert Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel. Pilla has quite story behind her, at least a story, that is very important for me, and explains that everything happens for a reason. Back then, when her mother, Love me please du Domaine Saint Hubert was born, I really wanted to have a male puppy from that combination, but oddly there were only females (7 of them) were born in this litter. About the same time, I had my E litter born from Lepke and Django, and in spite, I didn’t intend to keep any males from that litter, there was one boy that was really catching my eyes (that puppy was Extreme), and I decided to keep him. This ended up being one of the best decisions in my life. He is simply a wonderful dog in every way. And those who knew me before, knew how much I didn’t like male dogs…well, Extreme definitely changed all perceptions I had about owning a male dog, and he is one of my most favorite dogs (if I am allowed to say such). So when Nathalie Parent asked me to use Extreme for her Love Me Please (a bloodline I really wanted a dog out of), I knew right away, that I want to have a puppy for myself from this combination, and this puppy will be a special one. And sure I was right. Pilla amazes me with her intelligence, and drive. She is more mature than her age and shows all the natural abilities I want to see in a top working wirehaired vizsla. On top of this, she is very easy to train and is eager to please me. Our journey has just begun, but I know, we have a bright future to come with this girl. A new field trial champion to be.

I am looking forward to trying our wings with her. Keep coming back to see her results, once we start her testing and showing career- which is this coronavirus crisis seems to be delayed.


  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • resCACIB
  • BOS
  • 3x CAC


  • Due to the Covid-19 and the superior talent of Pilla, we decided to skip the Natural Ability Test (AV) at 1 year of age, and went straight 2 levels higher, and did the VMV (highest possible field and water test in spring), which she did in 1st prize- pretty amazing girl.
  • VAV (Hunting Aptitude Test) max score
  • VMV 1st prize – field and water test in 1st prize, with International Work Certificate at only 12 months of age.
  • ÖTV 1st prize (Hungarian HZP, the field and water test with live duck search) at 15 months of age.


  • HD-A
  • ED-free
  • Eyes clear
  • HUU clear
  • Homozygote for Funishing F/F

Trialer, FrCH, ICH, Love me please Du Domaine Saint Hubert


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Pilla aged 4,5 months

Pilla at the age of 10 months, retrieving training with gunshot