Emi, officially named Exa z Bilice is our Slovakian import Wirehaired Vizsla girl. We would like to widen the gene pool and involve a considerably fresh bloodline with her. Emi is a smaller sized female (55 cm shoulder height), but quite stocky built and balanced looked. Only her tail was docked too short for my eyes… :/

Emi doesn’t like the show ring, so we didn’t force that part too much, but she feels in her element on the fields and water. She loves to work, loves to please you. Emi is the type of dog, who would hunt (work) for anyone. She has a great prey drive and wants to make you happy all the time. After the fields, Emi’s second favorite place (or maybe it’s the first), is on the sofa. When she is in the house, she tried to be invisible. She curls up into the tiniest position, and wouldn’t even move for hours, just so she can stay in the house.

She is a true Wirehaired Vizsla. Great with kids, with other dogs, loves humans, easy to train. She loves hunting, but just as much love any activity with her humans.

Show Results:

  • CAC
  • BOB
  • Exc. on Vizsla Speciality Show in Slovakia
  • Slovakian and Hungarian Breeding Licence- Confirmation Test

Work Results:

  • JSS 1st prize, CACT (SK)
  • VAV (HU)
  • SVS 165 p. 1st prize (SK)
  • MSH CACIT Field and Water Competition (SK) 2nd prize

Health Results:

  • HD-A
  • HUU clear
  • Longhair gene free (L/L)
  • Homozygote for Furnishing

Xára z Bilice


ICH, ICH-T Csővárberki Duhaj


Pedigree of Emi


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