Java is our young superstar, a daughter of our Zokni, and Django du Domaine Saint Hubert. Zokni is a true versatile vizsla, excelling on Field Trials (on her first ever Field Trial, which was an International one, she got Excellent 3rd classification), and on All-Round Competitions, winning 1st place and CACIT on the Special Hungarian Vizsla All-Round Competition. The father of Java, Django DDSH is a successful Field Trial dog, also the father of our very special E litter (Extreme, Echo, Etna) and Karma.

We feel very blessed to have such dog as Java, she shows to be another exceptional Wirehaired Vizsla in both field and show. On her very first show, at the age of 9 months, on the CACIB WinterDog Show, she won Best of Breed, and her brother, Jaguar won the Best Opposite Sex.

She passed at the age of 11 months, in one weekend (2 consecutive days) the AV, VAV and VMV. VMV is the level of field and water test, that requires a fully trained dog, and usually dogs over 2 years of age do it. This is needed for a full champion title, and to be able to enter working class in a show. Its similar to the NAVHDA Utility or the HZP level.

I see a great field trial potential in Java, and I am very much looking forward trialing her from autumn 2018.

She passed all her health screenings for breeding with best results!

Show Results:

  • Hungarian Grand Champion (HGCH)
  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Hungarian Junior Champion (HCH)
  • 4 CACIB
  • 2 X res CACIB
  • 7 X CAC
  • 3 X HPJ (Junior Winner)
  • 3 X Best Junior
  • 2X Best of Breed
  • Junior BOG2
  • Exc 2. out of 9 in Junior Class on the Wirehaired Vizsla Speciality Show in 2018

Work Results:

  • 2020 NAVHDA Utiltiy Test Prize 1, Max score
  • AV (Natural Ability Test)- 116/116 points
  • VAV (Hunting Aptitude Test – max score
  • VMV (Field and Water Trial with International Work Certificate)- at the age of 11 months
  • ÖTV (Hungarian HZP- Autumn Field and Water Trial)-1st prize
  • Field Trial European Cup ’18, -2nd Wirehaired Vizsla, 2nd in Group, overall 3rd with VG.
  • CACIT Autumn Field Trial in Croatia: 1st Excellent, Winner of the Group, overall 3rd


  • HUU-clear (by parentage)
  • HD-A
  • ED-free
  • Free of genetic eye disorders

Trialer Django Du Domaine Saint Hubert


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