In my opinion, the breeding of Zöldmáli Alma and Hejőcsabai Dicsőség has produced some of the best Wirehaired Vizslas ever in both show and work -like Irisz (our Pletyka), Iram, Ivan, Ludas, Laci and Luca.

Pletyka is one of the offspring of this very successful combination. A very unique dog, not only because of her exceptional pedigree, having the best Hungarian working lines in it and being the daughter of Alma, the most successful Wirehaired Vizsla in work in the World, and not only because she has been World Winner twice, and went Best of Breed out of 70 Wirehaired Vizslas on the 2013 World Dog Show in Hungary, then being chosen as Most Beautiful Hungarian Hunting Dog, but also because she is the true successor of Alma in every aspect. I believe, that Pletyka is just as exceptional in work as Alma, but as she has never competed in the Czech Republic, she never had the chance to gain a Czech Work Champion Certificate, so that’s the only thing that makes Alma on paper a more successful (moreover the most successful in the World) working Wirehaired Vizsla. Pletyka is a real field trial dog, born to compete. Iris is a multiple show and work champion.


  • 2013 World Winner, Best of Breed out of 70 Wirehaired Vizslas and Best Hungarian Gundog
  • 2013 Klub Winner, Best of Breed
  • 2013 World Cup Winner
  • European Winner 2010
  • World Winner 2009
  • International Champion
  • Hungarian Grand Champion
  • Hungarian Show Champion
  • Hungarian Champion
  • 2 X Res. Best in Show
  • Best Hungarian Breed
  • Best of Group
  • Junior Champion
  • 2009 Klub Winner, BOB
  • 5 X HPJ
  • Derby Winner
  • 24X CAC
  • 9X CACIB
  • 6X resCACIB
  • 10X Best of Breed
  • Lifetime Crufts Qualification
  • Breeding licence


  • International Work Champion
  • Slovakian Work Champion
  • Hungarian Work Champion

IN 2013

  • CACIT field and water competition, Babatpuszta, CACIT, CACT, Best field work and best waterwork special award
  • 2013 Field Trial European Champion (team)

IN 2012

  • resCACIT, resCACT on the Vassas József Memorial, Field-Water Competition
  • 1st prize on the CACIT Field and Water Competition in Kajászó (H)
  • Nominated to the Field Trial World Championship for Poining Dogs


  • Őcsény FT, 2nd October, 2010: CACT, 17 points excellent
  • Sárvár CACIT Field-Trial, 2nd April, 2010: Best continental pointing dog of the day, 16 p. excellent
  • Cegléd CACT FT, 10th April: 3rd place, 11 p. very good
  • Cegléd CACT FT, 11th April: CACT Winner, 16 p. excellent
  • Cegléd CACT FT, 25th April: CACT Winner, 17,5 p. excellent
  • Zöldmáli Iris and Serény were selected to the Hungarian Continental Pointing Dog Team of 3 dogs for the FT World Championship 2010.
  • Iris is the Winner of the 2010 Hungarian Main All-round competition and also got the Best Field Work Special Prize!
  • 2010 Memorial Koloman Slimak (MKS)- 2nd place, resCACIT, CACT, Best Forest Work
  • 2010 Vasas József Memorial, Field and Water Trial, 3rd place resCACT
  • 2009 Hungarian Main All-round competition- 2nd place, resCACIT, resCACT
  • 2009 MKS Main all-round competition in Slovakia 1st prize, 3rd place, CACT title
  • 2009 VGP (MVV) all-round trial
  • 2009 MAM CACIT Field-Water Competition- CACT title in 1st prize
  • 2008 – MBZ international all-round competition- 1st prize, CACT
  • 2008- Slovakian Field-Water competition- CACT, 1st place with full scores, best field and water work
  • 2008- Field-Water Trial of the Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer Klub- CACT, 1st place with full scores- best field and water work
  • Field Water Trial (ÖTV)-1st prize
  • 2008 spring Field-Trial 16 points, ‘excellent’
  • 2008 Field-Trial European Cup 14 points, ‘very good’


  • HD – B

HGCh Hejőcsabai Dicsőség


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