Zokni is the daughter of two Field Trial European Champion and International Work Champion Wirehaired Vizslas. Her mother, Zöldmáli Zala, since 2015, is the most successful Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla in the World. Zala is not just Beauty Champion of several countries, but also owns an International, a Czech, a Slovakian and a Hungarian Work Champion title. Only her grandmother, Zöldmáli Alma could achieve similar titles. And here I just highlighted the biggest titles, as it would take half a page to list all the titles Zala has gained. We could go pages long to brag about all those wonderful dogs and titles, these wirehaired vizsla bloodlines carry.
From the above, one can easily realize, that Zokni is one very special dog. Hunting is deeply embedded into her genes, spiced with a very easy and friendly character, and high willingness to please. From a very young age her qualities showed off, and by the age of 1 year, she was working like a fully trained, experienced HPR. She is a very steady pointer with great speed and drive, searching in the dense like a machine, still cooperates at a very high level. She adores the water and is a great hunter of waterfowl as well.
Its just the cream on the cake, that she has a lovely conformation that all judges admire, and all her health screenings came back with the best results.

My Better Half, Laci took over her training in 2017 and they made a great team. Zokni accomplished her All-round test (MVV) in August 2017 in 1st prize, won resCACT on a Field and Water Competition, won 3rd Excellent on an International Field Trial in Apaj, and than then next day she won the Special Hungarian Vizsla All-round Competition with CACIT, CACT titles. Quite a thing!

It also tells a lot about her qualities and easy temperament, that on the last competition of the season, Laci was away, so I handled Zokni, and she won resCACT (Hortobágy Cup).

Show Results:

  • Hungarian Grandchamion (HGCH)
  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • 3 X Junior Winner (HPJ)
  • 2X Best Junior
  • 7 X CAC
  • 2X CACIB
  • BOB
  • 2016 Klub Winner
  • 2 X resCACIB

Work Titles:

  • International Versatile Work Champion (ICH-T)
  • Hungarian Work Champion (PRO)
  • 2x CACIT, 3x CACT, 3x resCACT
  • Versatile Hunting Dog Exam: Field-Water-Forest(MVV)
  • Natural Ability Test (AV) 1st prize, max score
  • Hunting Aptitude Test (VAV) -max score
  • VMV (Field and Water Trial)- 1st prize
  • ÖTV- Autumn Hunting Test (HZP)- 1st prize
  • 2017 MVV- Field-Water-Forest All-round Test (VGP)- 1st prize
  • 2017 Délvidék Kupa Field and Water Competition -1st prize, resCACT
  • 2017 CACIT Field Trial Apaj- 3rd Exc.
  • 2017 CACIT Special Hungarian Vizsla Competition- 1st place, CACIT, CACT
  • 2017 CACIT Hortobágy Cup (F and W Comp.)- 1st prize, resCACT
  • 2018 CACIT Josera Cup Field and Water Competition, 1st prize, resCACT
  • 2018 CACIT Kolossy G. Memorial (Field and Water)- 1st prize, CACT
  • 2018 CACIT Hortobágy Cup (Field and water competition) 1st place, 1st prize, Winner CACIT, CACT,
  • 2019 Magyar Vizsla Field Trial European Cup –3rd Excellent

Health Checks:

  • HD-A (excellent)
  • HUU clear
  • ED-0
  • Eyes clear
  • cardiac normal

ICH, FrCH, FT EU CH Ecosse du Domaine Saint Hubert


Zokni’s Pedigree