We take care of your dog while you are away

Even if it is a longer period of time, or just a day-care, we offer your dog a huge running space, big walks, lots of friendly and playful vizsla friends and lots of attention. We have heated indoors and outdoors facilities.

Any kind of dog breed is welcome, as long as he/she is friendly with other dogs.

We require your dog to be fully vaccinated and have kennel-cough vaccination as well.

Our services:

– dog boarding
– puppy /doggy day-care
– puppy socialization
– dog training (obedience)
– hunting dog training
– upon request, we can pick up your dog at your place


We are located in Páty, 7 km from Budapest, near to the M1 highway.
With public transport you can reach us with the bus going from the Széna tér (Budapest, 2nd district) to the direction of Páty, Zsámbék, Perbál. We can pick up your pet at your house and bring it back as well.

For more information, call me at: +36 30/313-29-13 or fill out the form below

Boarding Form