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Hunting Dog Training – Hunting, Pointing, Retrieving, Tracking

I have been training gundogs for over 22 years now. I am a golden wreath awarded master of gundog trainer and an FCI hunting dog performance judge. I am the most successful Hungarian HPR handler (and trainer) in competitions, having handled over 25 different dogs, over 100 times to 1st prize in competitions, produced 5 International Work Champions, and 25 National Work Champions. Laszlo, my other half joined me in this passion nearly 8 years ago, and he has achieved a lot so far. He has also gained the golden wreath master of gundog trainer award, having produced 2 International Work Champions, 4 National Work Champions and 3 times the Magyar Vizsla Field Trial European Cup Winner HWV. The two of us as a Team won twice the Magyar Vizsla Field Trial European Cup, 4 times the Derby and twice we came 2nd.

We offer trainings for all HPR (hunt-point-retrieve) and pointing dog breeds on all levels, whether you would like to use your dog for hunting or competition (field trial, field and water trial or all-round trials). Trainings take place in field, water and forest as well.

Individual or group trainings are also possible.

We organize training weeks and training days in Hungary, as well as in England.

The aim of these trainings is to prepare the dogs and owners to the different levels of hunting dog tests and trials, to produce a reliable hunting companion from our dog and to improve the relationship of dog and its owner. Not only hunters or breeders are welcome, but also people who want to spend a hard working but fun time in nature with her/his four-legged buddy, who want to learn more about hunting dog training, or who want to try out his/her dog in work.

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