BORIS- HJCH Cert Budafa Imp. SK


We have imported Boris (pedigree name Cert Budafa) as a young pup from Slovakia to add new blood to our breeding program. He has showed excellent drive and working abilities from a young age, and we have been hunting with him since 6 months of age. He is a natural, and learned everything by doing throughout his first hunting season, where he was working on pheasant, duck, partridge and hare.

He has a big love for water and very driven on the field. His strong and robust built makes him a spectacular view on the field and in the show ring as well. We started showing him quite late, but on the few shows, he has already been on, he did very well, gaining the Hungarian Junior Champion title, and Best of Breed as well.

He has proven his qualities on various hunt tests. He passed the natural ability test (AV) with max score, than went on finishing the 2nd level field and water test, (the VAV) also with max score, and by 15 months, he passed the ÖTV (Hungarian HZP) in 1st prize.

He ticket all boxes, passing all health clearances at best, and already produced some outstanding pups for us.

He is available as stud for approved bitches.


  • HUU-clear
  • HD-A
  • ED-free
  • Eyes clear
  • Furn F/F
  • ECLE clear


  • Hungarian Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • BOB
  • 3x CAC
  • resCAC
  • 2xCACIB
  • 2x resCACIB
  • 2x BOS
  • 3x JBOB
  • 3x HPJ
  • Exc.2/11 on the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club Show in 2023


  • AV (Natural Ability Test)- max score
  • VAV- max score
  • ÖTV (Hungarian HZP)- 1st prize

Verda Garamparty


Ch Füredi-Vadász Báró


Pedigree of Boris


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