Puma and Laci made me really proud this past two weekend. While I am sitting at home fulfilling my maternal duties, Laci is still waving the Zöldmáli flag for us on the competitions. First with Polka (because Puma was in heat) and now with Puma.

First competition for the duo was the CACIT Vasas Jozsef Memorial, (International Field and Water Competition) in Apaj, Hungary, on 12-13th September, 2020, where Puma won 2nd place, Res, CACIT, CACT out of 27 dogs of all HPR breeds.

Puma’s mom, Etna won this competition 4 years ago at 15 months of age with me.
And this past weekend, on 19th September, a lovely 2nd place, resCACIT, CACT, Best Wirehaired Vizsla from Laci and Puma on the CACIT International Kolossy Gábor Memorial Field and Water Competition. Only 0,5 point behind the winner. Puma has already 2/3 leg for the Hungarian Work Champion title, and half way to the International one! Way to go Puma, and Laci! 🏆🎉