Zöldmáli Etna is a daughter of my Lepke and Django DDSH and littersister of Extreme and Echo. My original plan was, to keep the best out of the 3 puppies, but all 3 of them turned out exceptional. I don’t know of any other Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla litter, where 3 pups out the litter would hold CACIT and resCACIT titles before the age of 1,5 years. Etna earned her first CACT and CACIT title at less than 16 months of age, on her very first competition, (a 2 days long international Field and Water Competition), where she performed all tasks with maximum scores. A few weeks later, on her 2nd competition, she gained resCACT title (also Field and Water Competition).

Her brother, Extreme won 2X CACIT and 2 X CACT on International Field Trial at 17 months of age, and sister Echo got the resCACIT, resCACT title (2nd place).

Etna is a medium sized, very balanced looking girl. Already with 5 months of age, she caught the eyes of the judges on shows, and was awarded Puppy Best in Show 2nd place. The very first time she was able to enter junior class and compete for the Best of Breed title, she gained Best of Breed. But as many of you know, I am not really a show fan. I only show my dogs to prove the World, the Top Hunting Dogs can be just as successful on show. Working abilities and good conformation should go hand in hand and not closing out each other.

Etna is a true versatile vizsla. Very easy to train, wants to please you, still have all the drive I need for a winner competition dog. She is calm and smart, has confidence and a great problem solving ability. She has proven her exceptional qualities by passing all the hunting test and trials with 1st prize at a very young age, than went on winning her first competition, competing with the top gundogs of Hungary. Etna also gained 17 p. ‘excellent’ qualification on Field Trial with 17 months and was the member of the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Team of Hungary on the Field Trial European Cup in Tuscany (Italy) in 2016, along with Echo and Extreme, winning 2nd place as a Team, and than the following year in Denmark, they won the Field Trial European Cup both in Open and Derby.

With 2 years of age, she became Hungarian Work Champion and Hungarian Show Champion as well.

We feel very fortunate to own dogs like Etna. She is a wonder-dog.

ICH, HWCH, SKWCH, HGCH Zöldmáli Lepke

Django du Domaine Saint Hubert

Show Results:

  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Hungarian Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • VDH German Winner
  • Best of Breed
  • 7 X CAC
  • 4X CACIB
  • resCACIB
  • 3X BOS
  • 3X HPJ
  • resCAC
  • Minor Puppy Best in Show II

Work Titles:

  • VMV (Field and Water Test)- 1st prize at 1 year of age.
  • VAV (Hunting Aptitude Test)- max score
  • ÖTV (Autumn Breeding Test/ field and water)- 1st prize
  • Winner of Vassas József Memorial Int. Field and Water Competition with CACT and CACIT– at only 15,5 months of age
  • Field Trial Derby- 2nd place, 17 p. Excellent
  • resCACT– Field and Water Competition in Kajászó, Hungary
  • Member of the Wirehaired Vizsla Team of Hungary on the Field Trial European Cup in 2016, who won 2nd Place.
  • 2017 Cegléd, Open Field Trial VG2.
  • 2017 Cegléd, Open Field Trial , 3rd place, Exc, 16 p
  • 2017 Cegléd Open Field Trial, 1st place, CACT, Exc. 18 p
  • 2017 April, CACIT Field Trial, Croatia, –Very Good
  • 2017 Sept. CACIT Josera Cup- 1st prize 257p.
  • 2017 Denmark, Field Trial European Cup Exc.2 in Derby and Exc2 in Open,
  • 2017 Field Trial European Cup Winner Team member
  • 2017 Field Trial European Cup Winner Derby Team member
  • 2017 Oct. CACIT Hortobágy Cup, 1st prize, CACT
  • 2017. November- 3rd place, VG
  • 2018 CACIT- All-Round Competition (Irsa-Vad Farm Kupa), II. prize

Health Results:

  • HD-A
  • HUU carrier