Puma is in my opinion one of the most beautiful puppies I have ever had. I just can’t take my eyes off of her. She didn’t seem that appealing as a puppy, but as she matures, she is just turning into a very stocky, well proportioned Wirehaired Vizsla with a lovely coat, color, and temperament.

We went all the way to Belgium to breed Etna with Darko after we had an unsuccessful breeding of Anouk and Darko the autumn before (no pups were born). As Darko was already getting old, this seemed to be our last option to use him as a stud. The breeding resulted in only 4 pups, but 4 very special ones. We kept 2 girls from the litter, Puma, and Polka. Polka is trained by Laci, Puma by me.

Etna, the mother of the litter is one of our wonder-dogs, who gained her first CACIT at the age of 15 weeks. We chose Darko as the father, as he was said to have superb working qualities. The breeding exceeded all expectations. Both Puma and Polka worked on pheasant hunts from the young age of 4 months, and their natural abilities amazed us. They hunted independent, found and pointed birds, and retrieved them from a very far distance. Keen, fast, brave, and passionate. This is how I could describe these two Wirehaired Vizsla pups. And they are blessed with a very fine nose.

Puma was entered to her first show at 7 months of age and won Best Puppy of Breed. Later on many wins followed. She achieved the Hungarian Junior Champion, than Full Hungarian Champion title. She was winner of the Working Class at Crufts in 2020.

Puma at 10 months of age passed the VMV  in 1st prize (Field and Water Test, which gives an International Work Certificate), and she was the best dog of the day. Than she passed the ÖTV (Hungarian HZP) in 1st prize as well.

This dog is a Wonderdog!  I am so blessed to have her. Spectacular in look and working style. True passion what you see in her.

In 2018, she was the Derby Winner Wirehaired Vizsla in the Field Trial European Cup.

Before her 2nd Birthday, she passed the NAVHDA Utility Test with a max score, in 1st prize, along with Zoldmali Extreme, in New Jersey, USA, qualifying for the 2020 Invitational. It’s a big achievement in itself and a big milestone for the wirehaired vizsla breed, as only 4 other Wirehaired Vizslas passed this test so far in 1st prize, out of which 3 are Zoldmalis. Later on some more Zoldmalis followed. Her and uncle Extreme qualified for the 2021 Invitational, as in 2020 it was cancelled due to Covid, but because borders were still closed, we couldn’t participate.

On her first ever Field and Water Competition in Hungary (on the CACIT Vasas Memorial in 2020), she won resCACIT, CACT, 2nd place, Best Wirehaired Vizsla out of 27 Continental Pointing Dogs, handled by my partner Laci, than followed by another 2nd place, resCACIT, CACT title the following weekend, also with Laci. Before that, all the training were done by me, and we are very strongly bonded, but it shows a lot about her reliability and working attitude, that she performs outstanding in other hands as well.

Her 3rd CACT leg, that was missing for the Hungarian Versatile Work Champion title was finished by me in September 2022 on another International all-breed Field and Water Competition (Kolossy Gábor Memorial).

Puma is the 6th generation versatile work champion in continuation in her bloodline. Her mom, Zoldmali Etna, than Zoldmali Lepke, Z. Írisz, Z. Alma, Csővárberki Dévaj were all versatile work champion wirehaired vizslas of the Zoldmali Kennel on the mother’s side, and Ott Du Domaine Saint Hubert, and Tiptop DDSH Field Trial Champions on the father’s side.

Show Results:

  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Hungarian Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • 2020 Wirehaired Vizsla Speciality Show (Hungary)- Best Female, Club Winner
  • 2020 Crufts Working Class Winner
  • 3X HPJ (Junior Winner)
  • 3X Best Junior
  • 5x CAC
  • 2 x CACIB
  • 6 X BOS
  • BOB

Work Results:

Hungarian Versatile Work Champion (HWCH)


  • CACT, 4th place, Best HWV, 2022 Kolossy Gabor Memorial, International Field and Water Competition (Hungary)
  • resCACIT, CACT, 1st prize, 2nd place, Best HWV- 2020 Kolossy Gabor Memorial, International Field and Water Competition (Hungary)
  • resCACIT, CACT, 1st prize, 2nd place, Best HWV- 2020 Vasas Memorial, International Field and Water Competition (Hungary)
  • NAVHDA Utility 1st prize, max score, at 23 months of age
  • 2019 Magyar Vizsla Field Trial European Cup- Winner of the Group, 1st MB
  • Field Trial European Cup Derby Winner  Wirehaired Vizsla- EXC 1, winner of the Group,
  • CACT, 1st place, max score -JSS, Dolny Stahl, SK
  • AV (Natural Ability Test)
  • VAV (Hunting Aptitude Test – max score
  • VMV (Field and Water Trial with International Work Certificate)- at the age of 10 months, in 1st prize
  • ÖTV (Hungarian HZP) 1st prize, max score


  • HD-A
  • ED-free
  • Free of genetic eye disorders
  • HUU clear

HCH, HWCH Zöldmáli Etna


ICH, Trialer Darko du Domaine Saint Hubert


Pedigree of Puma


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