Lepke is the youngest ever pointing dog up until then in Hungary to pass the Field and Water Trial (VMV): she passed it at the age of 10 months, in 1st prize. (And less than 2 years later, it was her half-sister, Z. Bringa, who is also a daughter of Zöldmáli Irisz, who broke this record, with 9 months of age.) This trial requires a fully trained dog on the field and water. This achievement very much reflects, how special Lepke is. She has a very clear and calm mind with superior high intelligence and trainability. She has very stable nerves and sound temperament. She has a superb problem-solving attitude and loves challenges.

Lepke is very special to me, as I feel she is my next ‘Alma’ or ‘Iris’.

In her first competition season (years 2013, when she was not yet 2 years old) she has gained the winner CACT titles in both Field Trial and Field-Water-Forest Competition. Many claims that a successful Field Trial dog cannot be successful in All-round trials. Well, both Lepke, and her mother, Iris, and grandma Alma, has proven the opposite!

Both Lepke and her mother Iris were members of the 2013 Field Trial European Cup Winner HWV team. Then in 2014, got resCACIT on the FT European Cup, and got 2nd as a Team as well. She also gained the Hungarian and Slovakian Work Champion titles.

In autumn 2015 we almost lost her, because a stone she swallowed, blocked her intestines, which we found out almost too late (I was away from home). My glorious vet saved her life, in spite he didn’t think she would make it. But Lepke is a real fighter and knows, she still has a lot to achieve. 3 weeks after the life-saving operation, Lepke won resCACIT, CACT, 2nd place on the Special Hungarian Vizsla All-Round Competition. And I could still go on with her astonishing achievements, -for example when she won resCACIT on a Field Trial at half-time pregnant- but if you go through her work titles: they speak for themselves. She is a wonder-dog.


CACIT, 4X resCACIT, 6 X CACT, 6 X resCACT, 5X Field Trial Exc. 4X Field Trial TB, 3X FT Winner.

  • VMV (field and water trial)- 1st prize (at the age of 10 months)
  • ÖTV (autumn field and water test)
  • On her first ever Field Trial, she was winner of her group, and overall 3rd out of 28 dogs.
  • Field Trial 1st place, exc.1, CACT.
  • Field Trial 2nd place, exc.2, resCACT
  • Field Trial 2nd place, Very Good
  • 2013 Field Trial European Champion (team)
  • MSK All-round competition in Slovakia- CACT
  • CACIT Field and Water Competition in Hungary, organized by the German Pointer Club- 1st prize, 3rd place
  • Romania, Satu Mare- Field and Water Competition: 2nd place, resCACT
  • Field Trial European Cup 2014 for Hungarian Vizslas (Austria): resCACIT, resCACT, 2nd place out of 48 dogs
  • Field and Water Competition in Slovakia- CACT, 1st prize
  • CACIT All-Round (Field, Water, Forest) Competition (Félix Endre Memorial). 4th place in 1st prize
  • CACIT Field and Water Competition, (Vasas Jozsef Memorial) 3rd place in 1st prize out of 28 dogs (in 2014).
  • 2014 Field Trial in Biely Kostol, Slovakia, 4th place, 15 p. Very good
  • 2014 Félix Endre Memorial All-round Competition- 4th place, 1st prize.
  • 2015 MAM, 2nd place, resCACIT, CACT
  • 2015 Special Hung. Vizsla All-Round Comp. – 2nd place, resCACIT, CACT
  • 2015 Novice Field Trial in the UK- 2nd place -gained her English KC Stud Book No.
  • 2016 Field Trial in Heves: 1st day: resCACIT, resCACT; 2nd day resCACT, Exc.2
  • 2016 Field Trial in Apaj: FT Winner with TB.
  • 2016 Kajászó (Field and Water Comp.) – 1st prize CACT
  • 2016 Hortobágy Cup (Field and Water Comp.)- 1st prize, resCACT


  • Hungarian Grand Champion
  • Hungarian Champion
  • Best of Group
  • Best in Show 3
  • Best of Group 3
  • 3 x Best of Breed
  • 3 x CACIB
  • 12 x CAC
  • 1 x resCACIB
  • HPJ- Junior Class Winner
  • 2013 World Dog Show working class winner
  • Qualified for Crufts 2014


HD-A (free)


Fürdőházi Álnok


Wire-Vizsla GIRLS, Wire-Vizslas

Lepke working with fox

Lepke working out a 300 steps long rabbit drag

Partridge hunting with Lepke