Magia came back to us from England, when she was a bit over a year old, as her previous owner’s life circumstances have changed and had to get rid of some of her dogs. I placed Magia to my good friend, who also has Magia’s mom, Z. Fecske, and was desperate to have a daughter out of Fecske, so its all meant to be, and everything worked out really well. Magia soon adjusted from the farm and kennel life to the Budapest city life: sleeping in bed, walking in dog parks, running in the forest, visiting pubs and bars. Magia is mostly an urban wirehaired vizsla, but I did take her out hunting a few times and to some dog show, just to get her qualifications necessary for breeding.

Magia has a very good coat, and rich dark color. All her health clearances came back perfect as well.

Show Results:

  • 2 x CAC
  • 2x resCAC

Health Results:

  • Hip Dysplasia Free (UK hip score: 4/5)
  • HUU clear