Anouk is our German import. Her mother, Indra von der Lipeau, is an amazing working dog, whom we have seen several times on Field Trials (she is Field Trial European Champion, has gained several CACIT titles, 2 times on the Field Trial European Cup, and the also got ‘Excellent’ on the World Championship.) I always wanted a puppy after Indra, and finally, when she had her first (and only) litter at the age of 6, my dream came true.

Anouk is now worked by my Better Half, Laci, and they make a perfect pair. She is a very smart and intelligent dog with lots of spirit and very promising abilities. Laci enjoys every minute of training her. Anouk has showed her true versatile nature from a young age. Before she reached 2 years of age, she already held so high working titles, very few dogs can brag with. She passed both the VMV (Field and Water Test) and the ÖTV (HZP or Autumn Breeding Test) in 1st price. She won the Field Trial Derby with ‘Excellent’ qualification in the CACIT Field Trial in Apaj with 21 months, than the week after, as part of the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Team of Hungary in the 2016 Field Trial European Cup in Tuscany, Italy, she became Derby Winner with CACT, was winner of the 2nd day in open, and was Best Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. 2 weeks after, she won 1st prize, CACT on a Field and Water Competition in Hungary (the Hortobágy Cup). We feel very lucky to have her in our kennel.

FT Champion Indra von der Lipeau

Sarkadi-Vadász Dodó

Show results:

  • International Beauty Champion (ICH)
  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • Best Female on the 2019 Vizsla Speciality in Italy
  • 3 X HPJ, Junior Winner
  • 2 x CACIB
  • 7X CAC
  • BOB
  • Best of Group
  • 4X Best Opposite Sex

Work results:

  • Hungarian Work Champion (HWCH)
  • Hungarian Field Trial Champion (HFTCH)
  • Italian Field Trial Champion (ItFTCH)- first ever Wirehaired Vizsla owning this title
  • International Field Trial Champion (C.I.T.ft)
  • 3 X CACIT, 9 X CACT, ResCACT, 18 x Field Trial Exc.
  • VAV (Hunting Aptitude Test)
  • VMV– Field and Water Trial- 1st prize
  • ÖTV– Autumn Breeding Test (HZP)- 1st prize
  • Field Trial Derby Winner (Exc.1) in Apaj, 2016
  • Field Trial Open- 15p. Very Good grade- Apaj, 2016
  • 2016 Field Trial European Cup (Tuscany, Italy)- European Cup Derby Winner, CACT
  • 2016 Field Trial European Cup (Tuscany, Italy)- winner of the 2nd day, CACT, and Best Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
  • 2016 Field Trial Open, Blatné, Slovakia, Exc.2
  • 2016 Int. Field and Water Competition, Hortobágy Cup, Hungary, 1st prize, CACT
  • 2017 Tiszanána,  Field Trial Open,  1st place, VG1
  • 2017 Cegléd, Field Trial Open, CACT, 1st place, Exc. 18 p
  • 2017 Cegléd, Field Trial Open, 3rd place, Exc. 16 p
  • CACIT Field Trial Kroatisch-Geresdorf (AT, April, 2017)- 1st place, Exc.1.
  • CACIT Field Trial Kroatisch-Geresdorf (AT, April, 2017)- 2nd place, Exc.2.
  • CACIT Field Trial, Croatia, Velika Gorica,, April, 2017- 2nd place, Excellent 2
  • CACIT Field Trial, Croatia, Velika Gorica,, April, 2017- 4th place, Very good
  • 2018 March, CACIT IFT Tiszanána: CACT, CACIT, 1st place
  • 2018 March, IFT Austria (Kroatisch-Geresdorf), 1st place, Exc.1
  • 2018. 14th April, NFT Cegléd- 1st place, CACT
  • 2018. 15th April, NFT Cegléd- 1st place, CACT
  • 25th August, 2018 MSH CACIT Field and Water Competition- CACT, CACIT, 1st place
  • 30th Sept.2018, Field Trial, Apaj (HUN)- res CACT, 2nd place
  • 2018 Field Trial European Cup, Hungary, CACT, CACIT and 2nd day VG, Best Wirehaired Vizsla,
  • 26th January, 2019, Maserada, Italy, Field Trial Speciality- 1st place, MB
  • 26th January, 2019, Maserada, Italy, Field Trial All-breed Open, 1st place, Excellent 1
  • 2019 Field Trial European , Mezzano, Italy 1st ExcellentBest Wirehaired Vizsla


  • HD-A (excellent)
  • ED-free
  • Eyes clear
  • HUU N/T
  • Longhair gene free (L/L)
  • Homozygote for Furnishing