Zöldmáli Echo our little rocket! She is from our wonder-E-litter, a daughter of my Lepke and Django DDSH and littersister of Extreme and Etna. My original plan was, to keep the best out of the 3 puppies, but all 3 of them turned out exceptional. I don’t know of any other Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla litter, where 3 pups out the litter would hold CACIT and resCACIT titles before the age of 1,5 years. Echo got 3 Derby Winner titles with ‘excellent’ qualifications, a resCACIT, resCACT (2nd place) and 3X Excellent 3rd on international Field Trial before the age of 1,5 years. At 2 years of age, she won CACIT, CACT in Denmark on the Field Trial European Cup, became best Wirehaired Vizsla, Winner of the Field Trial European Cup in open and Derby as a Team as well.

Sister Etna earned her first CACT and CACIT title at less than 16 months of age, on her very first competition, (a 2 days long international Field and Water Competition), where she performed all tasks with maximum scores. A few weeks later, on her 2nd competition, she gained resCACT title (also Field and Water Competition). Brother, Extreme won 2X CACIT and 2 X CACT on International Field Trial at 17 months of age. Echo along with Etna and Extreme was the member of the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Team of Hungary on the Field Trial European Cup in Tuscany (Italy) in 2016, (when they were only 17 months old), winning 2nd place as a Team.

We plan to run Echo only on field trials, but she has proven her versatile self by passing the VMV and ÖTV (the highest level field and water tests), both in 1st prize at 1 year and 1,5 year of age.

The Field Trial judges always comment on the style and speed of Echo and claim her as a true field trial dog. A Slovakian judge once said: ‘This dog will win you barrage’ (For those who don’t know, barrage is the final run for the CACIT title among those, who won their groups with CACT. Its very difficult for a HWV to win a barrage as some other breeds like the Breton or the GSP have a more stylish run and barrage is all about the style).

Echo won 3rd Excellent with 1,5 years on the International Field Trials in Zadar (Croatia) on wild partridges, under and Italian judge. There were about 200 dogs competing on this event.

Our favorite activity with Echo, is partridge hunting. She excels in that as well.

Show Titles:

  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • HPJ
  • 4 X CAC
  • 2X resCAC

Work Titles:

  • International Field Trial Champion
  • Hungarian Field Trial Champion
  • VMV (Field and Water Test) – 1st prize at less than 12 months of age
  • ÖTV (Autumn breeding test/ field and water)- 1st prize
  • 2 X Field Trial Derby Winner with Excellent 18 p and 16 p
  • Field Trial resCACT, resCACIT– at the age of 17 months
  • Cegléd Field Trial – 3rd Excellent (with 18 months)
  • Zadar (Croatia) Int. Field Trial- 3rd Excellent (with 18 months)
  • Cegléd Open Field Trial- 1st Excellent, CACT
  • Member of the Wirehaired Vizsla Team of Hungary on the Field Trial European Cup in 2016, who won 2nd Place.
  • CACT Field Trial (Cegléd, 2017)- 1st place, CACT, Exc.1, 18 points
  • CACIT Field Trial (Kroatisch-Geresdorf, AT, 2017)- 3rd place, VG
  • 1st Excellent on a CACIT Field Trial in Croatia, Velika Gorica, (April 2017) on wild pheasants
  • 2017 Field Trial European Cup, Denmark: CACT, CACIT in open, and Very Good in Open and Derby
  • 2017 Field Trial European Cup Winner as a Team in Open and Derby
  • 2018 January- Maserada, Italy, open Field Trial on Wild Pheasant: 3rd Exc. and 2nd VG.
  • 2018. March- Tiszanána IFT: CACT, resCACIT
  • 2018. 7th April- Hódmezővásárhely, NFT- CACT, EXC.1
  • 2018, 14th April- Cegléd, NFT- Exc.3
  • 2018, 15th April- Cegléd, National Field Trial (NFT)- resCACT, Exc.2
  • 2018 Field Trial European Cup 2nd place in Team, VG result in group
  • 2018 CACIT Field Trial, Croatia, 1st place, Winner, CACT, Trophy Winner
  • 2019 International Autumn Field Trial Croatia: 2nd place MB in Battery


  • HD-A (Free)
  • HUU tested

ICH, HWCH, HCH, SWCH Zöldmáli Lepke


Django Du Domaine Saint Hubert


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