28-29th October, 2017, Hortobágy Cup, CACIT Field and Water Competition

Laci was away, so I decided to enter Etna and Zokni (who is usually handled by Laci) to this competition, as they needed one more CACT title for the Work Championship. The competition didn’t start well, as I left my whistle at home. Its like loosing my voice, or even worse. I have borrowed another, but its just not the same (not the same tone).

I was amazed, how well Zokni listened to me, in spite, we didn’t even train together for a long time. She even corrected me, when I put her on the track the wrong place. Yes, after 17 years of dog handling, one can still make stupid mistakes, but luckily I had a very smart dog, who realized, that there is no track and corrected herself and found the right direction.

The competition was 2 days long, but most competitors could finish the first day. We were unlucky, and had the field search part for the 2nd days. It was heavy rain and windstorm, birds were wet and couldn’t fly. Till that point Zokni was in full score, and Etna also only lost 2 points. Etna made full scores on field and got CACT, but Zokni’s field work was not as perfect because by the time it was her turn, the wind and rain got even more heavy, and she didn’t give her best performace, still she finished with resCACT, so I was very pleased. Etna finshed her Hungarian Work Champion title with this!