Our testing season started pretty late this year due to the COVID, and me being pregnant made the training and testing pretty challenging as we were approaching August, but I am proud to say that all goals that were set for this year have been reached, and even much more.

Zöldmáli Unicum, who only turned 1 year old end of June 2020 passed the AV (Natural Ability Test) and VAV (2nd level, the hunting aptitude test) end of June with max score, and than the next day accomplished the VMV (Spring field and water test, same as the ÖTV, but no live duck search, only blind retrieve of dead duck from water). 1,5 months later, she passed the ÖTV (Hungarian HZP, the highest level field and water test) in 1st prize.

Pilla du Domaine Saint Hubert (our Pilla) skipped the AV, and went straight to the VAV and VMV, and did both in 1st prize, max score, than did the ÖTV also in 1st prize mid August.

Zöldmáli Virtus not long after her first litter passed the ÖTV in 1st prize mid August.

All 3 dogs now hold an international work certificate!

And here I would also like to highlight our Dutch Zöldmáli owner friends who came to train and test here in Hungary for the ÖTV, and both did very well: Zöldmáli Vicor and Zöldmáli Eskimo both passed the ÖTV with us!