Zöldmáli Zsivaj


Both parents of Zsivaj being very successful Wirehaired Vizslas on Field Trial , no question, where his hunting traits come from. He is a speed machine, goes like a rocket on the field, and has a big prey drive. He is sharp on cats and foxes, and was loud on hare tracks, when younger. He has all the abilities, what I believe, the Wirehaired Vizslas need to improve in, one jut have to appreciate and use out these abilities. Not recommended for slow, lazy hunters. In spite of Zsivaj’s speed and hunting desire on the field, he is a very easy dog to have around the house, calm and friendly tempered, and when it is not about hunting, he is a great companion for excursions as well. He shares his home with 3 other male dogs, and 3 children.


  • Hungarian Champion
  • HPJ
  • 5 x CAC
  • Breeding license


  • Basic hunting test (AV)
  • Hunting Aptitude Test (VAV)
  • ÖTV
  • VMV- 1. prize


  • HD-A

  • Eyes- clear