I am a very proud breeder again!  On the 2019 Speciality Show of the HWVCGB in England, where 77 HWVs were entered and the breed specialist Nathalie Parent was judging from France, the best male and female (CCs) were both the pups of Zoldmali Extreme: Zoldmali Szeles at Morgana also won Best in Show besides the CC and Redrafi al Tukai won the female CC.
The resCC (2nd best male) and Best Puppy in Show went to the 10 months old Zoldmali Lukacs, who is a son of Zoldmali Etna (sister of Extreme) and Zoldmali Bugac. The 2nd is his class was his brother, Zoldmali Lipton.
The resCC female Redrafi Narok was a daughter of Zoldmali Tarlo, granddaughter of Extreme.
Congratulations for all the other winners as well!

A week later Zoldmali Szeles was awarded a 3rd in an Open Field Trial in England, showing his true dual side.