CACIT Special Hungarian Vizsla International All-Round Competition- Zöldmáli’s took the 1st, 3rd and 4th place!

A CACIT title is always very special to be awarded. Most gundog trainers never even get to that level in their lives to gain one ever. We had been so blessed in 2017, that we even got 4 CACITs. Extreme got one in Field Trial and one in All-Round Competition, Echo got one on the Field Trial European Cup, and Zokni (handled by Laci) won the Special Hungarian Vizsla All-Round Competition with CACIT (and of course CACT). Bring was also in 1st prize and was resCACT (2nd best of her breed in 1st prize) and Extreme was 4th.

The Special Hungarian Vizsla International All-Round Competition is only for Shorthaired and Wirehaired Vizslas, and is the most difficult competition with the highest prestige. Dogs have to perform on Field, Water and Forest several disciplines. Usually this competition is 2 days long, due to the many exercises the dogs have to perform, but this time, it was all squeezed into 1 day, which made it even more demanding and challenging for the dogs. This competition is organized every 2nd year. 2 years ago, it was Zöldmáli Lepke who took the resCACIT and 2nd place in 1st prize, and Bringa was 3rd there as well.