[vc_row row_type=”row” text_align=”left” css_animation=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dog Shows are not our favorite activities, but we do it, to prove that our dogs are not just superior working dogs, but are some of the finest examples of the breed, gaining show success everywhere we go to.

In 2016, just like for several years now, the Zoldmali Wirehaired Vizslas wiped off the floor in almost every major show event:

  • Zöldmáli Cetli ‘FALKO’ won Best of Breed at the Westminster Dog Show (USA), and has made history in the breed, becoming the No.1 Sporting Dog in Canada in 2016.
  • Zöldmáli Dió won World Winner and Best of Breed on the World Dog Show in Moscow, and Zöldmáli Zoe became the female World Winner.
  • In Hungary, Zöldmáli Bringa was awarded the TOP WIREHAIRED VIZSLA OF 2016 title, by the Hungarian Kennel Klub, based on her show titles.
  • Zöldmáli Extreme became the Champion of Champions 2016, and Best of Breed.
  • On the Jubilee Klub Show (for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the breed), out of over 70 HWVs entered, Dante became the Junior Klub Winner Dog, Karma became Junior Club Winner Bitch, and Zokni became Best Bitch, Klub Winner Bitch.
  • Our new Hungarian Champions in 2016: Zöldmáli Bringa, Pizsi and Zokni
  • Zöldmáli Bringa and Zokni also finished their Hungarian Grand Champion titles.
  • Zöldmáli Kazal gained his Australian Champion title.
  • Our Hungarian Junior Champions this year: Anouk, Extreme, Etna, Dante, Zidane, Karma.

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