In spite it was also a Zöldmáli (Lepke), who was the record holder in being the youngest gundog passing the Field and Water Test (VMV) at the youngest age (at  the age of 10 months) in 1st prize (and her litterbrother, Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső passed it at the same time, only in 2nd prize), now Zöldmáli Bringa broke the record, and passed the VMV at the age of 9 months, in May, 2014 in Miskolc, also in 1st prize, and her litter brother, Zöldmáli Szinva passed it at the same time, but in 2nd prize. What cracking young dogs these are! And interestingly, all these dogs are the pups of Zöldmáli Írisz.

On this same test in Miskolc, Zöldmáli Vihar and our Panka (Hordós-kuti Panka) also passed the VMV in 1st prize, Zöldmáli Guppi passed the AV (natural ability test) with maximum scores, and Zöldmáli Avar passed the VAV (hunting aptitude test) with maximum scores as well.

On the photo, from left to right: Szinva, Bringa, Vihar, Guppi, Avar, Panka.